Vespa clutch holder Smallframe V50, PV, ET3, PK, PK XL - item number 7675436


Modern cylinders and exhaust systems nowadays bring very powerful engines to the Smallframe Sector. Combinations such as the Polini Evo With a Big bertha on our Generation XI, press over 24Nm over the rear wheel onto the road.

The power flow between the crankshaft and the rear wheel is routed through the clutch.
All coupling components are subject to the highest stress, so the connection and correct assembly of the individual components must be of the utmost importance.

The meanwhile common in this area Grinding in the clutch on the countershaft cone with abrasive paste This is just as important as the subsequent assembly of the primary and coupling nuts with increased tightening torque, rarely not below 70Nm.

We have especially for you for these high requirements Clutch and primary nuts with a higher strength in the range. With a hardness of “10”, these nuts also withstand tightening torques of well over 70Nm. Designed as a collar nut, the usual lock washers are not required. We recommend you for higher loads threadlocking to use.

So that the clutch basket and the primary drive are not damaged when the nuts are tightened, and to be able to counter such high tightening torques at all, we have a fine one Coupling holder included in our program.

With the holder both Inner baskets of the V50 / XL1 Couplings

Inner basket V50 / PK XL1

Inner basket V50 / PK XL1

As well as Inner coupling baskets of the PK XL2 be held against.

Inner basket PK XL2

Inner basket PK XL2

Due to the usual wedging of the primary without a suitable holding tool, sometimes such high forces act on the components that the pinion, clutch basket, cush and in some cases even the bearing seats can be affected.

Our coupling holder can be used against a Socket on the primary nut or a housing screw.

pictures 18.03/011 XNUMX This means that the high tightening torques cannot be transferred to the bearing seats and shock absorbers via the shearing action of the pinion.

With our multi-tool the clutch can be opened without any problems assemble in the engine.


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