Crankshaft BGM Evolution II, 55mm stroke BGM038025

The time has come!

We can offer you the new BGM Evo crankshaft with a 55mm stroke.
Over 10 prototypes had to endure tests on the test bench and on the road until we were satisfied with the result.

  • the forged Kawasaki connecting rod with a length of 110mm combines low weight with high stability. The length improves the angle at which the force is applied to the bearings and reduces the mean piston speed.
  • lower connecting rod bearing with increased load capacity like from the Moto-GP area. The open needle cage reduces the friction and thus the heat build-up in the bearing.
  • For horizontal motors, a balance factor of 30% -40% is considered optimal. In the test, the balance factor of 37% in connection with a 172 Malossi piston brought the best results.
  • the crankshaft stub on the drive side has been changed, the structure is now 1-part.
  • incl. 5mm spacer
[inspic=82,left,fullscreen,thumb][inspic=80,left,fullscreen,thumb][inspic=81,leftclear,fullscreen,thumb] [inspic=100,left,fullscreen,thumb][inspic=101,left,fullscreen,thumb]

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