Crankshaft bgm PRO for Vespa PX125 and PX200

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Crankshaft bgm Vespa PX200 PX125 (3)

New crankshaft bgm PRO for Vespa PX 125 and Vespa PX 200

We are working on a new version of the bgm PRO crankshafts for the PX engines. We have already installed the first samples in our engines for testing.

With the new version of our coveted bgm PRO crankshafts for Vespa, we have Maintain the tried and tested and few but distinct improvements performed.

Connection between crank pins optimized

Vespa crankshafts - bgm PRO im Scooter Center Blog.PURE SCOOTERINGblog.scooter-center.comWe paid special attention to the connection between the crank pin and the crank web. The quality of this connection determines how durable and reliable a crankshaft runs.

By redesigning both partners in the press fit, the crank pin and the crank webs, we have provided significantly more press surface and thus a secure connection.

Crankshaft bgm Vespa PX200 PX125 (5)

We have only changed the design of the crank web in the inlet area slightly.

On the Vespa PX200 engines the tried and tested fitting angle remains until the inlet closes approx. 65 ° after TDC.

Crankshaft bgm Vespa PX200 PX125 (6)

The connecting rod has also been changed. New material and changed dimensions make the highly stressed component of the Vespa engine reliable and stable.


Crankshaft bgm Vespa PX200 PX125 (3)


We have retained the previous features of the bgm PRO crankshafts.

With the wider rotary valve surface, a larger inlet area in the motor housing or, alternatively, a wider coverage of the rotary valve sealing surface can be implemented.

The shaft seal seats are designed to be easy to assemble; folding over or damaging the sensitive sealing lips is almost impossible. In addition, the shaft sealing ring seat on the generator side is manufactured in such a way that shaft sealing rings made of FPM with an upstream dust lip can be used sensibly.

We are still testing the crankshafts

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you when exactly the new version of the bgm Pro crankshaft will go on sale. We still have a few test kilometers to do and are still looking into a few changes.

But we are sure that we will be able to offer THE rotary valve crankshaft for your Vespa again very soon.


New and good at a glance

  • wide rotary valve surface
  • optimal inlet angle for rotary vane motors
  • Flow-optimized inlet area of ​​the crank web
  • improved interference fit
  • optimized oil seal seats
  • stable connecting rod with lubrication slots
  • lower connecting rod bearing with silver cage
  • forged crank webs

New crankshafts for Vespa PX 125 and Vespa PX 200

The new version of the bgm PRO crankshafts will be available in 57mm and 60mm stroke for the PX125 and PX200 engines.

Current crankshafts bgm PRO Vespa

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