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This is our last newsletter before the EICMA, the big scooter and motorcycle fair in Milan. There will be quite a few New give the pilots classic Vespa scooters. For example, Polini will have some new tuning goodies for the Smallframe present. Also watch this space!

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Even after the custom show In Cologne and the unwinding in the scooter strongholds, it doesn't get boring. The new season is sure to come.
So it is high time to tackle the projects that have already started or to look for new ones. Since the body and sheet metal work usually takes the longest, here are some of our highlights for the perfect Vespa restoration.

A lot has happened in the last few months, especially in the area of ​​sheet metal parts, and the supply of spare parts is - perhaps - better than ever.
So we can offer you pressed side panels in very good quality for the following models. Continue.

Side hoods

Pressed side hoods

In addition to the fender the side panels of the Vespa will be particularly damaged over time. As a protruding body part, they are affected by every small bump or fall. Obtaining spare parts has been difficult, especially with the old models.

We are bidding now great side hoods which, like the original side panels, are pressed from one piece.

Available as a pair, the side panels are in incomparable good reproduction quality and indistinguishable from the original.
To show the great quality, the hoods are delivered unpainted and only oiled.

Pressed side hoods

The fit and workmanship are great.
These side panels are the first choice for any restoration or if you just need a replacement.

Available for

Vespa Sprint
Side panels -VESPA- Sprint, GT, GTR, Super, GL - metal, pressed


Vespa SS180
Side panels -VESPA- SS 180 - pressed metal

Pressed side hoods


Vespa side panels



If the rottenness of the decades has spread to your Vespa and the running board is infested, our repair floor panels or frame struts are the easiest way to save a frame that was previously scrapped. But even in the event of a fall, a new running board is worth considering. Especially since you then renovated the frame from the ground up and prepared it for the coming decades.

Before the Vespa repair floor pan is used, you should get a precise overview of the damage. The best way to do this is to blast the scooter. One of the crossbars is suitable as a cutting point for removing the old sheet metal, as the base sheet is reinforced here. Then drill out the welding points and remove the old running board. It is best to blast the spar and seal it with the appropriate means. The repair floor panel can then be adjusted and finally welded in. A job for the relevant experience or appropriate outsourcing partner are required!

Vespa Smallframe Repair floor panel

Repair floor panel -VESPA- V 50 (up to No. V5A1T199999), V 50L (up to No. V5A1T539999), V 50S (up to No. V5SA1T30999), V 90 (up to No. V9A1T28000)

This makes the step plate repair a fairly straightforward task.

The annoying and expensive production of the sheet metal part is no longer necessary and the repair floor panels can be welded in after comparatively little preparatory work.


Vespa Smallframe Repair floor panel

Vespa repair sheet and frame struts



Thanks to their exposed position, the Vespa mudguards are usually the first sheet metal part that is affected by small bumps. And nothing is worse than a bent fender. The whole Vespa looks crooked. Fortunately, there are reproductions from Italy. These are pressed and only require minimal adjustment work before painting. If any.

Vespa Smallframe fender

Mudguard -PIAGGIO- Vespa V 50-90, PV 125, ET3 - unpainted

"NOS" or "new old stock" called: Stock of old new goods, a dream for every collector and restorer. These fenders have been pressed on the original Piaggio tools for the Indian PL170.

After more than 30 years of Sleeping Beauty, the production facility was lifted and the parts are now available to you.


Vespa Smallframe fender

Vespa fenders




Replica cascades

The cascades for them are also new to our range Smallframes, the Vespa GS 160 and VNA-VBB models from the 60s. If the cascade is rotten or rotted, you will find repair panels here.


Vespa Smallframe - sheet metal cascade
The cascade of the V50 is also the perfect way to convert your Special to a sheet metal cascade.

Available for

Vespa Smallframe from 1968
Vespa V 50-90 (from 1968), PV 125 (from 1968), ET3

Vespa Smallframe to 1967
Vespa V 50-90 (until 1967), PV 125 (until 1967)

Exhaust S&S V2009 PX200


Vespa cascade

New in the program: helmets

Vespa helmets


Boost open face helmets:

Price / performance tip with (e) marking: Boost retro open face helmet
Modern scooter helmet in retro design with CE standard ECE R22-05.

The Boost B710 retro jet helmet / city helmet is the ideal Vespa helmet!
As a jet helmet, it lies between the full-face helmet and half-shell and is very popular with old-timer, young-timer and scooter / scooter drivers.

  • CE - standard ECE R22-05
  • Polycarbonate shell
  • including anti scratch visor
  • quick release
  • Retro design
  • UV resistant
  • Lining antibacterial and removable
  • Exchangeable visor ("Smoke" tinted visor, mirror visor, clear replacement visor available)
Boost open face helmets:


Bandit open face helmets

Style tip: Bandit open face helmet
The Bandit helmet has an extremely narrow cut, just like the original: the helmets from the 60s and 70s. It is tight and has a super comfortable fit and this has the advantage, in addition to the great look, that the ears are well protected from the wind and annoying noises.

  • super stylish
  • very easy
  • great fit
  • Fiberglass (GRP) bowl
  • including sun shield
  • including helmet bag
  • quick release
  • 60s / 70s retro design
Bandit open face helmets

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