Cylinder -AIRSAL 77ccm Racing X-treme

003Cylinder -AIRSAL 77ccm Racing X-treme (39,2mm stroke) - Minarelli LC

The Airsal with a 50 mm hole for Minarelli is available for 40mm and 45mm stroke. The Airsal crankshafts are delivered with 80 mm connecting rods.

The large overcurrent channels are similar to the channels of the MHR Big Bore. The rectangular outlet shape is known from Polini Evolution.

The piston sensibly has only one piston ring and comes from Vertex.
It has a size 12 piston pin and is coated on the piston roof. Caution - by that
Coating can be seen from the arrow, which has to point in the direction of the outlet.
- So mark clearly again before the first assembly!

The cylinder head is designed so that the combustion chamber protrudes 1,5mm into the cylinder bore, what
leads to a better seal. The cylinder is due to an increased contact surface around the
The bore wall is better cooled.

Cylinder: Another plus point is the short cylinder shirt. the impressive outlet and the 7 inlet windows make this cylinder a weapon made by Midrace to high end leaves nothing to be desired. Carburettors from at least 19mm are recommended.

With a stroke of 45 you reach a displacement of 88,3 ccm
With a stroke of 40, 78,5 ccm


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