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date vespa world days 2017The Vespa Wolrd Days 2017 date is set! We had already reported that the Vespa World Days 2017 will take place again in Germany. The information was still so hot that there were no further details.

The Vespa Club Celle had applied at this year's Vespa World Days 2013 in Hasselt, Belgium and was awarded the contract for this great event in 2017. Top!

Meanwhile the VC Celle more info announced: Date Vespa World Days 2017 stands:

Date: 22. - 25. June 2017

Location: Vespa World Days, Rooms / Lower Saxony / Germany.

The exact location of the event has of course not yet been determined, but there is still some time until then. We'll keep you informed here.

The Scooter Center wishes VC Celle for the Vespa World Days 2017 date:

  • Super Vespa Wolrd Days, of course
  • the very best weather too
  • happy Vespisti from all over the world
  • have fun with the preparations
  • and the smooth running of the event.

If you want to get a picture of the VC Celle, just take a look at the legendary one Pagan meeting of the club. The Vespa meeting takes place from 23.-25. August 2013 now for the 17th time, ie one year before the Vespa World Days there could be a dress rehearsal in 2016 with the 20th anniversary of the Celler Heidetreffen.

For information for those interested who cannot imagine anything under Vespa Wolrd Days. The Vespa World Days are the successor to the Eurovespa, the largest Vespa meeting in the world. We have a list of the venues and the year of the event collected here.

So: the Vespa World Days 2017 date is set. The venue is sure to come at the right time. Until then we look forward to the next meetings:

2014. - Mantova, Italia
2015. - Biograd, Croatia
2016. - Arcachon, France

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