The ugliest Lambretta in the universe

lambretta verona italia

With the bgm Lambretta to Verona

Mission one this trip to Italy: Our bgm test bike is technically with the finest bgm PRO- and Casa Lambretta parts fitted. Technically a Lambretta at the highest level.

Design follows function

Dean Orton's opinion (Rimini Lambretta Center) to the look of the bgm demonstrator Lambretta kennst You already do She's the one according to Dean Orton ugliest Lambretta in the universe.

Lambretta test bike

The design wasn't superficial for Construction of this Lambretta. All bgm PRO parte were on our test bike before series production Heart and kidney tested. In addition, this bike was available for our customers at various meetings test drives to disposal. It goes without saying that an easy-care paintwork had to be found here. Aside from that:

Tuning quotes

  • Design follows function
  • Chrome won't bring you home
  • Rust is lighter than carbon

Dean, please MODify our Lambretta

Still, “ugliest Lambretta” - we didn't want to let that sit on us! But since Dean is not entirely wrong, we did not hesitate when he offered us to rebuild the Lambretta optically. The Rimini Lambretta Center is ours bgm dealer for Italy. Dean, a mod as it stands in the book, wants to build a bgm demonstrator for the Italian market anyway, if he then sits on it ...

VW bus with Vespa and Lambretta in Italy-sc

La Dolce Vita

So we drove the Lambretta DL to Verona today and parked it there with a friend. We were received very warmly and so the handover of one or the other glass took longer than planned. We love Italian hospitality.

Dean will later pick up the scooter and return it to the sacred halls of the RLC Rimini Lambretta Center rebuild. We keep you here in the Scooter Center Blog informed about the development of the new bgm PRO demonstrator Lambretta.

For the casual reader of our blogs: not that you think: What kind of shop is this ??! With the ugliest Lambretta... first of all we are in the process of changing that and secondly we are proud of them too nicest Vespa to have in the world ... Look here


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