10% discount at Scooter Center Classic Day'14

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Scooter Center Discount on ClassicDay? 14

10% discount at Scooter Center for express purchase on Classic Day!

Our Classic Day'14. If you order with article numbers at the checkout, you will receive 10% OFF.

Vespa Lambretta Classic Day'14

We have on ClassicDay'14 Express checkouts intended. These registers are then without advice for those who already know what they want.
Orders can only be placed at these registers with article numbers - of course, this is faster and we can get a 10% discount on Scooter Center .


In our online shop http://www.scooter-center.com you can create and name memos, for example "Scooter Center ClassicDay14 ”
You can fill this with the scooter parts that you would like to buy on ClassicDay in the shop with a 10% discount.



You can use the notepad via your browser print or send it to you by email.
You can then print out the e-mail or open the CSV file (e.g. with a text editor or Excel) and print it out.

 All you need to do is hand in the printout with the item numbers at the checkout and in no time you will have the scooter parts you want 10% cheaper! 

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