DRT feat. SPR Season End Race 2011


You probably remember the legendary ones SCOOTER CENTER MZH Scooter Meetings at the airport ... uh ... Meinerzhagen airfield.

Am 15th OCTOBER 2011 it's finally that time again.
It is allowed to burn until the doctor comes. Then DRT featured the SPR Season End Race 2011 supported by SCOOTER CENTER!




The Program:

  • Sprints with timing
  • Sprinting is possible for everyone
  • Free driving
  • Fat costume show
  • SCOOTER CENTER P4 power measurement
  • Burn Out
  • Full program & more ...


Day ticket including driving: € 20
Visitors: € 10

And there are extra tickets for seniors. All OVER 35 pay only € 5!

see ya



    • Heiko
      Heiko sagte:

      Ticket price: 20 euros
      Visitors: 10 euros
      Visitors over 35: 5 euros

      All further information about ticket sales will follow here!


      Hello dear scooter friends,

      from now on you have the possibility to buy your participant ticket
      (Visitor tickets only available on site !!) for the

      DRT feat. SPR Season End Race 2011
      in Meinerzhagen

      to order!

      Sends an email with the following content

      Street + house number:
      Postal code + place of residence:

      Number of participant tickets:

      to the following address:


      When we have received the order, you will receive one
      Email with all further information.

      Participant tickets are limited to 250 pieces and only available in advance!

      Your team from DRT and SPR

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