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Here is the latest Vespa & Lambretta news.

We wish you a happy Easter!

Vespa catalog update

Spring is here and finally it goes with it Vespa & Lambretta back on the road. Just in time for the start of the season, we have some great product news for your classic Vespa or Lambretta at the start:

Customer ratings from Scooter Center SCOOTER CENTER - Express service at no extra charge. Always.

Our servers are running hot right now SCOOTER CENTER Service is right, we hear about your many positive reviews every day. Thanks very much!

Our service without surcharge or packaging fees, but from a turnover of 50 euros free postage. I don't want to withhold 3 current comments from you today:

Klaus S .: “Great shop, fast delivery !!!!”

Philippe S .: “Hello, are you still okay? OK. I ordered for the first time. But 20 hours delivery time is really tough. Then also free delivery. "

Jonas R: “Very quick processing. Ordered yesterday at around 14:30 p.m., the package was already there today. "

Roller ramp

- Finally available again -

Foldable ramp -MOTORCYCLE / SCOOTER- aluminum (up to a maximum of 300kg)

Our scooter loading ramp is super practical and essential to safely drive the scooter into the transporter or onto a stage.

Bis 300kg loadable, it is ideal for Vespa and Lambretta scooters, but can also withstand heavier mopeds.

This can not be used stable aluminum ramp Folded up, stow extremely space-saving.

Unbeatable in price and performance - belongs in every workshop.

Roller ramp

Chrome cascade Vespa V50

- High quality chrome -

Cascade -VESPA- V 50 Special, V 50 Elestart - chrome

To refine the now very popular and valuable Smallframe Vespa with plastic cascade.

We have the original PIAGGIO cascade high quality chrome-plated and achieve a unique one for the Vespa special models CHROMEoptics.

Super detail for the retro style and totally easy assembly!

Chrome cascade Vespa V50

Vespa SS180 seat

- Super original - optics -

This seat from HURRICANE fits perfectly on many Vespa oldtimers such as Vespa Sprint, GL, GT, GTR, Super etc.

Great black bench with gray piping and Piaggio print on the back. Also in brown with the Aquila logo .

The special thing about this bench, however, is that it is a perfect Replica of a Vespa SS 180 seat is. The curved shape gives your oldie that special note in the Original look and the Quality is convincing!

Super nice bench in the trendy original style.

Vespa SS180 seat

VSP1 for welding around

- The scooterist himself is -

Exhaust -VSP1- Vespa V50, PV125, ET3 125, PK50-125. We sell this exhaust as a “craft kit”.

Within a very short time, this good piece was torn from our hands en masse at the Customshow in Ried.

The background is that we received a batch of VSP1 exhaust systems that were incorrectly welded together on the manifold. Anyone who can weld or has connections to it “tinkers” one here within a few minutes great exhaust for very, very little money: The exhaust only needs to be separated at one segment and then welded back together correctly.

Tip: strike now!

VSP1 for welding around

Eye-catcher: Fournales shock absorbers

Vespa crankcase

Vespa crankcase

Elestart cover plate

- For entrants -

Cover plate opening Elestartmotor -VESPA- PX, T5

VSP1 for welding around

Screw sets

- Tutti Complete -

Our extensive screw sets for your Vespa scooter are the basis for the success of every restoration or general overhaul.

On the one hand, you have all the screws you need ready in one go. That Saves a lot of time and, above all, money.

On the other hand, you are no longer tempted to reuse old nuts and bolts that have actually been through. That takes care of more safety. In addition, the correct screw is available for every space, which simplifies the restoration and ensures one higher market value of the vehicle.

(also available for Lambretta)

VSP1 for welding around

ABARTH replica exhaust

ABARTH replica exhaust

Racing tire air bgm

- High Tech -

The bgm - racing tire air is a nitrogen mixture, consisting of 90% nitrogen and 10% Imola air from Italy. Nitrogen has a different density than oxygen and the Imola air provides grip on the road.

This means that we achieve less wear and tear because the air pressure remains constant for longer: and ensures optimal filling.

The smoother running and the higher grip due to the Italian Imola air content are also interesting for racing!

April April

PinUp sticker

Pin up stickers

Ancillotti Racer - Lambretta

- Really trendy -

Seat -ANCILLOTTI Racer- Lambretta LI, LI S, SX, TV, DL, GP

This Ancillotti-style sports bench offers you everything that is currently relevant when it comes to bench:

- Retro racer look

- Ancillotti lettering

- Alfatext design

- white piping

Priced very interesting and great for the retro racer, for example!

ANCILOTTI Racer Lambretta


- design piece -

Bench -LAMBRETTA COVOLO Torino- Lambretta LI (series 1-2), TV (series 2)

Great 2-colored bench with leather applications for the Series 2 Lambretta.

Comfortable bench with chrome frame and handle.

ANCILOTTI Racer Lambretta

Lambretta Tank XXL & Standard

- large selection -

Lambretta Tank XXL & Standard

LAMBRETTA 200 engine

- Stage 4 -

Engine -SIL 200ccm- Lambretta GP / DL - Stage 4

Completely new engine. Without the brake drum, carburetor and kick starter it is Stage 4 and with electronic ignition.

All other parts to Completion, optimization, tuning, can be found in our large Lambretta shop.

LAMBRETTA 200 engine

New in the SCK: ABUS locks

Abus locks

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