EICMA 2010 - scooter and motorbike fair in Milan

The SCOOTER CENTER Team at the EICMA 2010 - scooter and motorbike fair in MilanYesterday morning at 4 o'clock the alarm clock rang. Departure to Cologne Airport and then on the plane to Milan. After the very motorbike-heavy trade fair in Cologne in October, a fireworks display of new scooter parts was set off in Italy.

PIAGGIO has resurrected the Vespa PX. With a 2-stroke engine and a subtle facelift. The cascade is reminiscent of the PX old, the bench is complete, new lettering and a new doormat complete the picture. Technically, unfortunately, you couldn't see much, the exhaust is definitely new and has a small rear silencer. The secondary air system for compliance with the emissions was also clearly visible.

The completely face-lifted MP3 was another highlight. The Hybrid MP3 was presented in the Green Area together with many other electric vehicles. The friendly and bright atmosphere went well with the theme. The new Typhoon was exhibited, but we had known it since the Cologne fair. Matte colors have now also found their way into the Piaggio color palette. The LX V celebrated its world premiere in burgundy-red in Milan.

The LML stand was generously sized. In addition to the well-known 2 and 4-stroke models, the LML is now also on display with a 200 cc 4-stroke engine. With many color variations and nice accessories, there was something for every taste. Zero emissioni, mille emozioni definitely had the electric LML on the side panel. If one day the 45 km / h top speed is increased significantly, the emozioni might overtake us too.

The new Lambretta gave us mixed feelings. In any case a giant step compared to the “Lambretta” Pato. Many Lambretta design elements were taken up and there was a lot to discover and discuss. The Lambretta is to be built entirely in Italy, the engine comes as a 125 cc or 150 cc 4-stroke engine from Kymco. Sales should also start in Germany next year.

PINASCO has unearthed some classics again. So the chrome-plated T5 exhaust, a PHBL intake manifold for plug-in connection for the Smallframes. But new parts were also presented. Among other things, a Vortex attachment for Si carburettors, 177 PX cylinder heads with a separate combustion chamber cap. And nice to see all Pinasco Vespa cylinders neatly lined up.

In any case, POLINI gave full throttle. The gearbox and engine covers are new for the automatic engines. Also is the complete one Torsos Series now available. The highlight for all Vespisti were the new ones Smallframe Parts. Two new cylinder kits, two new crankshafts and 2 and 3 hole intake manifolds suitable for the PWK carburettors. The 133 Racing comes with a completely redesigned port layout in aluminum. The 133 Evolution combines the racing port layout with a massive membrane inlet including Boyesen ports. There are shafts for rotary vane engines as well as full cheek for direct-suction engines. Polini has developed a complete tuning kit for the LML 4-stroke, which is a bit weak on the chest. This means that the performance has increased so much that the 3rd and 4th gear have a right to exist and can also be used in social operation or uphill.

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