Breaking News – SIL Lambretta factory close to being demolished

The end of an era is very near to come. There had been rumors in 2019 about the closure of the Scooters India Limited in 2019, in January 2021 it was official that the Indian cabinet made the decision for closing SIL indeed.

what was Scooters India Limited?

The SIL company took over the rights and tools for manufacturing the Lambretta from Innocenti in 1971. Until the plant was set up and running it took a while. But from 1975 onwards they produced and marketed the two-wheelers Vijai Deluxe (DL) and later the Vijai Super for the domestic market and the Lambretta GP for the export markets. Besides the two-wheeler production they also produced the three-wheelers, mainly for the domestic market though. The two-wheeler production was stopped in 1997 and the focus from then on was for the three-wheelers and Lambretta spares for the export market.

The SIL scooters were popular during the 90's and Scooter Center as well imported quite a few containers full of brand new SIL Lambretta GP 200 back then.

Now it seems that the factory is going to be demolished very soon. Our friend Abhi was so kind to send us some pictures he has recently taken in the SIL plant. Who knows, maybe the last ones.

The end of an era!


  • Incorporated in 1972 as Scooters India Limited.
  • Company's plant owes its origin to Innocenti of Italy from which it bought over the plant and machinery, design, documentation, copyright and so on. The company is also said to possess the world right of the trade name LAMBRETTA / LAMBRO.
  • In 1975, company started its commercial production of Scooters under the brand name of Vijai DL (later Vijai Super) for domestic market and Lambretta for overseas markets.
  • Located at 16 Km mile stone, South-west of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh on No 25 and well connected by road, rail and air.
  • Key player on supplying Lambretta enthusiasts around the world until the end of the 90s.