Endurance scooter race sheet metal fight 2013 in the Motodrom Belleben

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Vespa race Belleben sheet metal fight 2013

Endurance scooter races Vespa and Lambretta races sheet metal fight 2013

Vespa race Belleben sheet metal fight 2013

On the second weekend in August, the ESC congregation met again in the Motodrom Belleben to beat the engines around the course again after a long summer break.

Besides Sprint race are now finding them in their second year Endurance runs instead, in which it is even more so than in the sprint races Reliability and teamwork arrives. That Scooter Center sends the top favorites into the race with the two-time champions of the Zuera 24h hours and last year's ESC Endurance champions Mike Betz and Andreas Putz.

After a bit of bad luck when drawing the starting order, the GSF was able to Scooter Center Racing team take over the lead of the field after just three laps. Thanks to the well-engineered racing scooter, only the mandatory pit stops had to be completed, which at the end of the race rolled into one well deserved victory in front of the highly motivated Red Wine Racing Team.

Vespa race Belleben sheet metal fight 2013

Photos: Bengt, Vespa Club Hamburg


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