Espresso from the Expresso-Mobil-Ape at the Scooter Customshow Cologne

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Espresso Ape in Cologne on the Rhine

Good coffee is always possible: After setting up your scooter at the Custom Show. After the meal (Pizza, Hot-dog stand or Crepe) or just in between. Enjoy the most delicious coffee from the trained barista on our Scootershow 2018:

Best coffee from the espresso ape

At our Scooter Customshow, you will also be served the best Italian coffee, of course, from an ape.

Olaf was already with us last year with his “Expresso-Mobil”. The trained barista explains what makes a coffee a good coffee - it's not just the type that decides: "It has to have the right degree of grinding, be precisely dosed and then achieve a throughput speed of 25 seconds". Well then, enjoy it - enjoy the Scooter Customshow Cologne with us.
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