Exhaust see Piaggio Leader 200, Leovince vs. Polini

I once put the Leo Vince 4Road and the Polini Evo on my Runner VXR. What is striking about the Polini Evo is that the exhaust is very light. The damper mount is, to be careful, very simple. Unfortunately there is no throttle device that can be removed. Leo Vince 4Road - Polini Evolution

[inspic = 16, left, fullscreen, thumb] The Leo Vince 4Road comes in the usual good quality, the shock mount is much more massive than the Polini. However, this also results in the significantly higher weight. Nice solution is the DB killer that can be removed. In this way, the Leo digests the longer valve timing of the Malossi camshaft well and can gain more power from it.

[inspic = 48, left, fullscreen, thumb] Here is the comparison with DB-Killer and without DB killer on a Runner 200. Clearly visible, with DB-Killer significantly more power and torque.


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