Exhaust test Lambretta bgm PRO Clubman on TS1 - part 2


Today we put a TS1 tuned by MB Development RaceTour to the test.
The trunk engine was the same as in the first part of our test.
The cylinder has been redesigned by Mark Broadhurst himself, equipped with Tassinari V-Force, MB forged pistons and a moderately compressed head. The Mikuni TMX30 carburetor was still used, the following was tested:

TS1 from Test1 against TS1 with MRB RaceTour Tuning and the bgm PRO Clubman exhaust:

Exhaust test Scooter Center Lambretta TS1 touring vs TS1 race tour tuned


bgm PRO Clubman compared to Sito Ancillotti:

Exhaust test Scooter Center Lambretta TS1 racetour tuned bgm PRO Clubman vs SITO Ancillotti


bgm PRO Clubman compared to JL3:

Exhaust test Scooter Center Lambretta TS1 bgm PRO Clubman versus JL3

Against the well-known JL Road (JL3 or similar KRP3) was of course also tested. In this case, you should by no means be blinded by the maximum value achieved. Even if the peak on the JL3 is around 3 hp higher, you shouldn't lose sight of the width of the band. A sovereign engine should have enough reserves, especially in the area where you mainly spend your day-to-day life. The bgm PRO Clubman is clearly ahead of the JL with over 3,5PS / 3NM. As a result, with every shift you will almost certainly end up in an area in which there is sufficient power immediately.
The JL3 has to take a breath first, i.e. one would have to downshift for rapid progress. On the road, the bgm PRO Clubman will represent the more coherent concept and comes very close to the driving characteristics of a powerful TDI engine.
[break] Exhaust test Scooter Center Lambretta TS1 bgm PRO MRB Big Box Clubman versus JL3


For all less experienced curve fans, we have also entered the mean value of approx. 4.600 rpm up to 9.500 rpm below. In the area in the curve marked with hatched bars, the performance advantage is put into perspective to just under 0.5 hp.

Conclusion: The bgm PRO Clubman works on mild touring cylinders as well as on strong sports setups with long control angles. Build on it and look forward to it ...

  1. Rob
    Rob sagte:


    Can you tell us what jets were used on the TMX 30.

    I have a MB tour tuned TS1 and have just bought a BGM Clubman.

    I want to buy a TMX30 and need to know whereto start, jet wise.

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