Fallrace - scooter racing in Austria


THANK YOU VC KÖFLACH & DEN CHILLIS for the GREAT event WAHNSINNS WETTERGLÜCK and therefore also a very successful final of the long distance cup!
Congratulations to the winning teams Stoffi / GOA and Undi !!

Get well soon, the injured and the spectator who was probably affected in the last accident,
also from our side, hope it has no effect on further events.

We were still in the workshop on Thursday evening and screwed the engine together further, packed the car at the same time, hung the engine, rewired everything, re-sealed the tank, etc. - briefly made a few runs and then around 2 o'clock on the 948km autobahn I drove for the third time this season and were happy to be at the guesthouse around 12:30.

After a short rest period at the lake, we are on the track, greeted the RWRT guys and then set up everything with the Hartz4 / Signs & Styles team. In the evening we had a short meal and all the registration formalities were clarified and then finally after 42h Around 22 p.m. to BED.
During the morning practice, everything went pretty well so far and with starting position 30 it didn't really matter to start from there at the Le Mans start and the 11H race in front of you.
So far we drove quite far forward in the first time and (place 6 entertaining later 9) the PARMAKIT SP09 with bridge
and 51 BGM wave ,33 Keihin ,Big bertha ,Polini membrane nozzle ran very well forward on the straight…. Unfortunately I lay down on the right side for a moment and later around 13 p.m. our front brake line had a leak!
That was, of course, a major setback Fortunately, nothing worse had happened to Alex. (on the long straight on the house - suddenly no more front brake!
The whole thing, a little tank ventilation problem, a little slip by Alex then of course cost places and so we are from 19th place to the 14. space hazards. With that we were very satisfied and happy to have ALL come through the race safe and sound and proud that once again no engine broke down!

At this point, we can really say that no long-distance engine (Springrace 2010/11 - Hungary 2010/2011 - Fallrace 2011) was defective but always other things (ignition replacement, vibrating Cdi plug, broken carburetor clamp, rim defect with brake drum, etc.) for minor failures and Caused setbacks.

It is clear that you tend not to ride in the top 5 region due to certain driving skills or Recklessness? / Courage?
(You are over the top like Markus Angleiter and a few more ..)
And thus a praise to all the teams who have put all the work and effort into these races and thus participate in the whole thing!
Plus the financial aspect and health risk factor. The 38 teams made their way there
(as well as the Springrace events), speaks for a high response to long distance races….

Then back on Sunday and at home around 22pm - woke up with sore muscles on Monday and just thought what a movie again….

With this in mind, once again, MANY THANKS to all of our sponsors and that SCOOTER CENTER - we look forward to next season
Greetz 2 to all Torsten

Team DART Racing 14th place / 7th overall place in the long-distance cup


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