First IDSM race weekend Templin

Thomas Heck drives in the IDSM and is from SCOOTER CENTER unterstützt.

Last weekend it finally happened! The first two races of the IDSM season 2008 were driven on the kart track in Templin.

The training session on Saturday literally got into the water! The weather service was unfortunately right, it was storming and raining all day. No reasonable training was possible in this weather. Which was very annoying for Thomas because he hadn't driven this route before.

So, like almost all of his racing colleagues, Thomas only drove a few laps in qualifying. Which in the end resulted in 13th place on the grid out of 24 participants.

On race Sunday the weather got better but the track only got dry slowly, so that the warm-up and the first race were still wet. The start of the first race was good, Thomas was able to make up a few places!
But since he started with rain tires, he got more and more problems with the soft tires on the drying track from the middle of the race. He was still able to finish the race in 8th place.

For the second race at noon, the track was completely dry and the sun came out.
So put on the dry tires! Still in 12th place on the first lap, he was gradually able to push his way past a number of competitors and once again crossed the finish line in 8th place.

And finally ... Since Thomas had no practice on this route, he must be satisfied with the two 8th places (out of 24 participants). That means 16 points and 5th place in the championship.

The next race will take place next weekend in Spa / Belgium.

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