Fuel tap wrench Vespa “Multi-Tooth” from bgm PRO

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Fuel tap wrench Vespa BGM PRO Multi-Tooth 32mm Vespa

Fuel tap wrench Vespa -BGM PRO Multi-Tooth 32mm-

New Fuel tap wrench for Vespa with multiple teeth by bgm PRO.

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Suitable for e.g. Vespa Smallframe PK XL, PK XL2, Largeframe PX, LML Star / Stella, T5, Sprint, GT, GTR, TS, Super (VNC / VBC), GL, VBB, VNB3-6T, Wideframe V1-V33, VN, VL, VM, GS150, ACMA, Hoffman

Fuel tap wrench Fuel tap tank tool Vespa bgm PRO "Multi-Tooth"

How does the fuel tap wrench work?

And what do I need this tool for anyway? In almost all classic Vespa models, the fuel tap is inserted into the tank from the outside / below and into the tank from above Screwed inside the tank with a nut. To remove the Vespa fuel tap, you need a fuel tap wrench.

Animation of the Vespa fuel tap key


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Fuel tap wrench for fuel tap nut in the tank

This Fuel tap wrench for Vespa has been a moderately working tool so far. Packing and turning the flat nut in the dark interior of the tank was usually quite a fiddly job.

Our remedy is now new fuel tap wrench from bgm in a cranked version. The bgm PRO Multi Tooth tool uses a modern multi-tooth instead of a simple open-end wrench. This makes it quicker and easier to grab and turn the nut of the fuel tap.

Simple, simple. good!Uwe, Scooter Center Technology

Fuel tap wrench -BGM PRO Multi-tooth 32mm- Vespa

Vespa fuel tap wrench from bgm

Suitable for all Vespa scooters with a fuel tap nut, wrench size of 32mm, and a tank opening larger than Ø35mm. This also applies to all vehicles

  • removable tank coverl to (Vespa PK XL, PX Lusso, T5 etc.) as well as the vehicles with
  • large hinged lid (All Wideframe, Sprint, GT, GTR, TS, VNB, VBB, etc.).

So this tank key does not fit with tanks with a small hinged lid (Smallframe V50, 50N, V90, 90 Racer, PV125, ET3, Motovespa).


  • The Vespa models VNA, VBA (up to frame number 81256), VNB1-2T and the VGLA (T4 / Touren up to frame number 017409) use a smaller fuel tap with a fastening nut with a wrench size of 22mm. This BGM PRO fuel tap wrench does not fit here.
  • The Vespa models Rally180 / 200 and GS160 / SS180 use a tank with strongly offset filling opening. Here please Fuel tap wrench BGM 3036 use.
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