Grip-Lock theft protection - lock for scooters

Grip lock scooter theft protection

Grip-Lock the express lock - easy to use - difficult to crack

The Grip-Lock security system for scooters, Motorcycles and mopeds is a novel system to the valuable two-wheeler to protect against theft. Grip-Lock will simply mounted on the throttle and brake lever and blocks them safely.

Grip-Lock fits on Vespa, Lambretta, almost all motorcycles, scooters, scooters, mopeds, mopeds, quads, trikes and much more.

Simple and quick installation

Attaching and removing the Grip-Lock takes less than 10 seconds.

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Grip-Lock - secure theft protection for scooters

Grip-Lock is colored and easily recognizable on the handlebars. That immediately scares off potential thieves! But of course that's not enough: Grip-Lock is used inside four stable steel struts made of hardened spring steel, which effectively prevent theft with a saw or other cutting tools. Through the sheathing fiber-reinforced nylon absolutely rustproof.
With a blocked throttle grip, it can never happen to you not to have removed the lock before driving. A forgotten lock can result in considerable damage to the vehicle on the brake disc lock or other external locks.

The BASF special nylon with glass fiber reinforcement used for Grip-Lock is 200% stronger than conventional all-purpose plastic and gives the security system special strength and rigidity.

Grip Lock secure lock for scooters

Grip-Lock is clean

Grip lock is cleaner and easier in operation as cumbersome and dirty brake disc locks or chain locks that first have to be fumbled somewhere through frames or spokes.

The lock can be easily stowed away

Weighing only 330 grams and with dimensions of 15 x 4,5 x 5 cm, the Grip-Lock fits in your glove compartment, in the helmet compartment or under the seat.

High Quality - Made in New Zealand

All Grip-Lock products are developed under German management in Auckland, New Zealand
produced. The locks are optimized for maximum robustness and resist attacks with screwdrivers, hand saws,
Lock kits, etc. permanently and easily.

In addition, all of the components in Grip-Lock are subject to a variety of accelerated aging tests
has been subjected (e.g. UV test, salt vapor test etc.) to ensure that all used
Materials exist outside in the long term and do not become brittle or yellow.

Three year guarantee

You receive a 3-year manufacturer's guarantee on every grip lock.
Resistant materials for maximum security.

Vespa lock Grip Lock 3 year guarantee

Long-Life - high security lock

The locking mechanism was developed with three principles in mind:

  • cannot be cracked with conventional lock kits
  • very resistant to attacks by drilling
  • maximum durability and uncompromising safety under all conditions

Delivery including three adapters for a secure hold

Each grip lock comes with three adapters suppliedto ensure an optimal fit for all scooters and motorcycles too
guarantee. It fits handles with a diameter of 27 to 38 mm, or an extent of
85 to 119 mm. This area covers about 95% of the market. It fits almost all motorcycles,
Scooters, mopeds, mopeds, quads, trikes and much more. The brake lever lock of the Grip-Lock is in
open state adjustable without tools.

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