A good deed is well received

A cool product hit the market just in time for Christmas: "The tin roller quartet”With great old Vespa scooters.

The game is not only fun, but when you buy it you are also doing something good. Part of the proceeds will be donated to the support foundation Kinder in Hamburg eV - Today we received an email in which the makers Kerresinhio are supporting the SCOOTER CENTERThank you and inform you about the whereabouts of the donation. We don't want to withhold that from you:

Moin moin dear Ulf,

I would like to briefly inform you about the current donation status. Before Christmas we were able to sell a total of almost 1.400 quartets of various editions. Through a few additional transfers from customers and a rounding up from us, we were able to pass on € 800,00 to the support foundation Kinder in Hamburg eV in December. In total we were able to pass on € 2010 in 1.400,00!

We would like to thank you very much for your participation in this donation! I have enclosed the letter of thanks ...

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