Happy Helmoween selected models up to 50%

Happy Helmoween discounts on helmets

20% discount on all helmets in stock

Happy Helmoween discounts on helmets

We know what you did with your helmet this summer - Uring time for a new helmet!

On Saturday, October 31.10.2015, XNUMX let's celebrate our HELMOWEEN FEST, which means for you:

  • Saturday, October 31.10.2015, 10, 00:14 a.m. - 00:XNUMX p.m.
  • 20% OFF on all helmets in stock *
  • Up to 50% discount on selected models
  • Free breakfast: coffee and pretzels

Our helmets:


Directions to Scooter Center Uppercase

* Helmets with a green dot in the online shop are not necessarily in stock, as they may be “just in time items”. Cannot be combined with other promotions / percentages, only while stocks last. Only in the shop. No shipping.

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