Bargain hunt at the Novegro parts market

Novegro Vespa GS

Legendary classic car parts market in Italy

From November 6th to 8th, 2015, in Novegro is the parts market again for mainly scooters and bicycles. Officially advertised as a market for cars, motorcycles, bicycles and spare parts and accessories for the same, the focus of the 64th Mostra Scambio is clearly on the scooter and bicycle sector.

In addition to the prospects of Bargain The markets in Italy attract with their special flair and the wide range on offer. Especially in the Vespa and Lambretta area, there is almost everything for the collector. From paper to rare spare parts to complete scooters.

In contrast to before, dealers - especially if they are specialized - are much better informed about prices than was the case in the past. Nevertheless, there are always opportunities that cannot be turned down. To do this, however, you should keep your eyes open to the general stores and not be too determined when it comes to the parts. Most of the time you find that what you are specifically looking for is not. But there are always other opportunities to do so.

Novegro alternative

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