IDSM 2009 1st and 2nd run on 4/5. April in Templin


p4050131IDSM 2009 1st and 2nd run on 4/5. April in Templin

On time for IDSM season start 2009 Spring came with lots of sun and temperatures of up to 22 degrees on the kart track in Templin.
Best conditions for mine, with support SCOOTER CENTER and Sava to really test the newly built 70cc Runner for the first time!

Free practice was announced on Saturday morning, where I first set the engine and the chassis for the fast kart track.
I managed the setup for the qualifying that followed, and I was quite happy with my lap times of around one minute. Starting position 5 of 22 participants in class 2 / 70ccm was the reward!
On Saturday evening it was still quite cozy in the paddock, there was a lot to tell about what happened over the winter and the scooter was rebuilt.

On race Sunday, after the warm-up at 9 a.m., the first race was on for me. I was able to defend my 5th place well at the start, but quickly noticed that my engine was not running as well as on Saturday because it was cooler on Sunday.
I fought hard but very fairly with Kevin Chadrysiak for 5th place throughout the race. Kevin was able to make better use of a lap in the end and thus save a small lead over the finish line. 6th place was a good start to the season for me!

Before the 2nd race, I adjusted the carburetor setup to the cooler temperatures, which was child's play with the BGM nozzle and needle sets and worked great.
Unfortunately, the start of the 2nd run went badly, as two competitors fell in front of me in the second corner after the start and I had to evade as 4th. So after the first lap I was only in 20th place, but thanks to the Super Sava tires I was able to move forward again quickly. The chase with 58 lap times was really fun, and 3 laps before the end I was back in 5th place. Unfortunately, I fell on the penultimate lap on the only tire slip of the whole weekend, but was able to continue and save 6th place at the finish.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the start of the season and I hope it will continue like this?

The next race will take place on April 25th / 26.4.2009th, XNUMX in Zielona Gora / Poland.
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