Ignition Lambretta

Ignition Lambretta BGM

Ignition Lambretta BGMThe legendary BGM - Lambretta ignition is on back in stock.
Available in SCOOTER CENTER Lambretta shop with 80W or, for a higher light output, with 120W.

In addition, we now also offer the 120W ignition in the particularly attractive complete kit for easy conversion.

The set for converting from contact ignition to electronic ignition on the Lambretta is available for LI / SX and DL / GP crankshafts (thin butt, thick butt).
The scope of delivery includes everything you need to convert to a contactless ignition system:

  • the legendary AF fan wheel with dust cover and locking ring
  • the no less legendary bgm Ignition base plate with 120 W power
  • a voltage regulator
  • the ignition coil (CDI)
  • as well as a new terminal board (junction box) with cover.

Instructions for the necessary new wiring of the cable harness are included with every ignition.
The advantages of electronic ignitions are obvious:

  • The ignition is contactless, therefore No wear and annoying maintenance.
  • No fluttering of the contacts at high speeds. In addition strong 12 V electrics and thus much stronger light!
  • The AF pole wheel relieves the crank drive thanks to the lower weight considerably.
  • The Acceleration improved significantly, the performance increases.

Click here for the bgm-Lambretta ignitions im SCOOTER CENTER Shop


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