Finally! Ignition problems on all Vespa V50s solved for all time!

Wasp Smallframe UpgradeThe V50 and PK 50 S Vespas in particular have enjoyed incredible popularity for years.

The ignition components are, however, poorly available. In addition, the contact ignition is prone to failure and maintenance. Kicking ten times in the city center until the engine is running is also pretty uncool.

We offer you the ultimate solution the problem:
A complete and well thought-out kit with which you can easily access a maintenance-free Ignition with strong 12 V You can convert the alternator. The components are consistently the best you can imagine:

• Original Ducati fan wheel with specially made CNC cone for the crankshaft of the V 50-90, PV, ET3, PK S Vespas
• bgm high-performance ignition base plate with specially switched coils from the Vespa Cosa
• bgm pickup for perfect starting behavior and a clean ignition pulse
• BGM CDI unit
• BGM voltage regulator with extensive installation instructions

The voltage regulator supplies your Vespa with alternating current (AC) for the on-board electrical system. In addition, you have an optional direct current output (DC) to operate the navigation system, mobile phone charger or other 12V toys.
With the kit you have an ignition that fulfills all your wishes. Good engine start, strong 12V light output, maintenance-free and unbelievable reliability.

And all of this for a super attractive all-inclusive price of only € 249.

7673183 | Ignition set -BGM Pro- Vespa V 50-90, PV, ET3, PK S | 249,00 euros

You can of course also find the components individually in yours one stop scooter shop!

7671464 | Pole wheel -BGM Pro Electronic 1650g- Vespa PK S, V 50, ET3, PV, pointed cone | 129,00 euros

BGM6690 | Voltage regulator -4-pin BGM PRO 12V AC / DC- universal | 24,90 euros

9110018 | CDI -BGM ORIGINAL- Vespa PX, Rally, PK XL, ET3 | 26,00 euros

Assembly is child's play and you can find tips & tricks in our Vespa catalog. If you don't have it yet, it's best to order it at the same time: Vespa catalogs.

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