The ride-on car comes in front of the running bike

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Great retro metal slide cars

We have great wooden balance bikes on offer for the kids of the scooter-riding parents. But before the cool Vespa or Lambretta wheels come the slide cars.

There is the one that is widespread in Germany. Plastic classics par excellence - but most die-hard scooterists from the classic scene refuse to drive plastic themselves! So there should also be something suitable with style for the offspring! We found something:

"Real sheet metal"

Real sheet metal is a motto in the Vespa scene. In addition, we now have super metal slide cars:

Prepare for wild races! At the wheel of this handy, red Baghera Retro metal slide cars, wakes up in your child's imagination World of car racing to live. In this classic, terms such as double-declutching, warm-up laps, grids, start, home straight and pit stop will soon no longer be foreign words!

Continue Baghera models on offer:

Baghera ride-on car

For children from 3 years then we recommend our cool ones Janod Vespa wheels:

Vespa balance bike wood Janod


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