Interview with Alex Stroh Scooter Center

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Alex on the couch at Scooter Center

Alex straw, Technical Product Manager Scooter Center, bgm, Moto Nostra

In the Platónika project, I got to know my accomplice pretty well over time and the plan to rebuild a Vespa from individual parts. And I am overjoyed to learn every day from one of the best Vespa mechanics I have probably ever met.

He is also involved in racing (on a Vespa, of course) and - no more and no less - he is one of the master minds in the development of the bgm-Products for that Scooter Center!

Knowing him so well now, I thought it was high time to introduce you to Alex and take another look behind the scenes of the Scooter Center (SC) to throw.


I hope you like it and if you have any further questions, don't hesitate and fire at home! ;)

Vespa Platónika. On the couch during the SC interview with Alex Stroh Scooter Center

1 GEAR: Staff story    00:47

 What brought you into the Vespa world? What was the beginning
- How many Vespas do you have? What was your first love
2 GEAR: Vespa knowledge                03:39
-What struck me is that you knew an incredible Vespa detail. How do you collect so much knowledge?
- and how was your first contact with Scooter Center, did you know the shop before you started here?
3 GEAR: Developer                    06:29
You have done a lot of scooters here, a lot of projects, but also a lot of products that you have developed. Tell us a little bit about the expiration
4 GEAR: Racing scene                    08:51
- Vespa life is pretty colorful. One variant is the racing scene. You are also involved, tell us a little: how is the preparation, how long does a race take ...
- And where did you start?
ALL YOU NEED                           12:22