Flying Ösi which Lambretta engine setup

Fast Lambretta

The flying Austrian with a crass Lambretta engine setup?

Today we have the 100 - participant mark at our Facebook - Customshow cracked and a cool participant photo of the flying Peter on his Lambretta is also there again:

Fast Lambretta

Lambretta engine setup?

Here of course the question arises which one Lambretta engine Setup throws the driver off the seat like this. If I didn't know better, one might think that the photo is a fake. This pilot fluttering in the airstream on on his Lambretta looks awesome. I could imagine that he installed at least the components below. If you look closely: this obviously unstable driving behavior could also be due to the missing additional shock absorbers at the front. That Scooter Center recommends here of course: Lambretta shock absorbers bgm PRO with 16-way adjustable rebound adjustment

  • Developed as an update for all types of fork springs. Works particularly well with the progressive MB fork springs.
  • Easy to install, fit directly onto the standard additional shock absorber mounts. No welding work or further modifications required.
  • Perfect addition to the rear bgm Shock absorbers.
  • Attention: The damper should be installed in such a way that the adjuster is installed at the bottom.

Lambretta Engine Setup:

The Lambretta seems to be a sg street sleeper to be. A lot of steam under the side panels - but you don't see it at first glance - Peter almost takes off his pants, like the one going on here on the beach. So it could be like this:

Lambretta cylinder: bgm MRB Racetour

BGM2225 our best cylinder for a Lambretta engine Cylinder -BGM PRO MRB-Racetour 225 cc- Lambretta TV 200, SX 200, DL 200, GP 200 Mark Broadhurst has incorporated his experience from several decades of Lambretta tunings and over 1.700 tuned two-stroke cylinders into the development of the RaceTour cylinders. The cylinders are available with a 65 mm bore for the small engine cases with 125-175 ccm and with a 70 mm bore for the 200 cc engine case. The cylinders offer significantly increased performance and thus more everyday usability and driving pleasure:

  • Around 14 hp with a 22 mm carburetor and Clubman exhaust *
  • Around 15-20 hp with a 24/25 mm carburetor and Clubman exhaust *
  • Around 16-24 hp with a 28/30 mm carburetor and Clubman exhaust *
  • Around the 18-24 PX with 28/30 mm carburetor and Dev-Tour exhaust

The power is available relatively early in the rev range and the kits have enough torque to drive longer gear ratios. The power delivery is very even, so that RaceTour engines feel like an original Innocenti 200 engine but with twice the power. Like the original cylinder, the carburetor is on the left-hand side. No changes need to be made to the frame or the add-on parts. This makes the RaceTour the ideal cylinder for everyone who doesn't want to change the look of their Lambretta, but still doesn't want to forego performance. All required seals, stud bolts and small parts are included in the scope of delivery.Characteristics:

  • Ceramic coated aluminum cylinder
  • Quadruple screw connection at the outlet
  • 200 cc stud spacing for the small and large engine version
  • Forged piston with Ø = 65 mm for the 195 and with Ø = 70 mm for the 225 cylinder
  • Two 1 mm thin rings in the best Japanese quality
  • Solid, completely CNC manufactured head with recessed combustion chamber. Eight-fold screw connection. Made in Germany.
  • Compression ratio for maximum reliability when used with both 58 mm and 60 mm strokes.
  • Porting layout for high cruising speeds, lots of torque and a wide range of power
  • The purchase price is refinanced through the moderate consumption values
  • There is sufficient material on all sealing surfaces and channels to machine the cylinder to the maximum

Lambretta exhaust: bgm MRB BigBox

Lambretta exhaust BGM2105 for Lambretta engine

With the BIG BOX Clubman, too, Mark Broadhurst made full use of his experience. So he has managed to accommodate the performance of a resonance exhaust in an exhaust body that is visually not far removed from an original Lambretta Series 3 exhaust. In terms of performance and speed, our Clubman is on the level of the highly recommended -but no longer produced- MRB Devtour exhaust. Here you will find torque, a wide power range and a very pleasant noise level. The first clubman for that Scooter Center Mark made it by hand for Ulf around twenty years ago. Today, with the BIG BOX, we produce what is probably the best Clubman of all time.

  • There are several features for the first time in series production:
  • Performance like a resonance exhaust
  • Quiet
  • Larger volume of the exhaust body
  • More ground clearance
  • Outlet socket for round (TS1 & Co.) and oval (RaceTour, Mugello, Standard, ...) outlet
  • The outlet, manifold and body are suspended from springs
  • Reinforced at all critical points
  • Suspension like the racing exhaust for perfect and tension-free assembly
  • Can be dismantled without having to remove the right footboard or the cylinder hood
  • Well thought-out design that works


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