Lambretta Long Range Tank Jet 200 Lifetime XXL

Lambretta Lifetime Tank JET200001

Lambretta tank -JET 200 Lifetime XXL (12 l)

This is the new Lambretta Longe Range Tank from our American friends:

Lambretta Lifetime Tank

Lambretta Jet 200 Lifetime Tank

The Lifetime Tank is the first Lambrettatank made Polyethylene (HDPE). As the name suggests: it should last a lifetime, because the days of rusting tanks and the problems associated with them are over.




The tank has a capacity of 12 liters, has carburetor cutouts on both the right and left side and takes up the space originally intended for the tank, air filter box and toolbox. The cutouts are so large that carburetors up to 38 mm fit without any problems and there is still enough space for maintenance work on the carburetor and easy relocation of the cables.


The assembly is very simple: Thanks to the screwed rubber bushings, the tank is securely and permanently attached.

Advantages of the Lifetime Lambretta tank:

  • shockproof
  • 100% stainless
  • Light (probably the lightest Lambretta tank
  • Easy construction
  • DOT / CARB compliant
  • 12 liter capacity
  • Made in USA.

Lambretta tank JET200001


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