Lambretta assembly stand bgm PRO

New assembly stand for Lambretta 1-3

Our Work stand are very popular and make maneuvering Vespa and Lambretta scooters child's play.

Our special Lambretta assembly stand from bgm PRO is brand new. With the engine removed, it is simply screwed to the damper mount and engine suspension on the frame in a few simple steps and you can put the Lambretta in without the engine

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  • Workshop
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maneuver easily, comfortably and safely!

And if you don't need the new assembly stand for your Lambretta, it is folded up to save space and easy to stow away.

Very easy to use

Whether on the lifting platform or quickly on the floor. In less than 2 minutes, the stand on your scooter and the Lambretta are ready for maneuvering, reparking, etc. and you can now concentrate fully on the engine or work directly on the Lambretta.

Your favorite scooter is safe on the bgm Pro assembly stand!

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High quality and stable execution