Lambretta pole wheel - Lambretta bgm PRO fan wheel


New Lambretta pole wheel bgm PRO


The bgm PRO Lambretta pole wheel is completely Made in Germany.
The fan wheel is a one-piece design, completely without screws or rivets. The pole wheel was specially designed to bgm PRO Lambretta ignition components designed, but also works with all other electronic ignitions based on the Ducati design.

The new Lambretta flywheel and all other high-end ignition components are now available here:

Pole wheel -BGM PRO electronics- Lambretta GP, DL
Pole wheel -BGM PRO electronics- Lambretta LI, SX, TV


  • Moment of inertia 6240 kg / mm² (-5%)
  • Weight dl / GP 2025 grams
  • Weight LI / SX 2051 grams
  • Imbalance <100 gmm
  • Burst test 24.000 rpm
  • Improved cooling effect

Lambretta pole wheel - Lambretta fan wheel bgm PRO BGM210901

Totally new design

The fan wheel is a completely new design that has been made around the existing bgm ignition components. The goals were maximum reliability and a strong alternator performance.

Highest reliability

In order to be able to guarantee the greatest possible reliability, the cone is neither screwed nor riveted, but is cast in place. Each cone is checked and reworked after casting to ensure an optimal fit to the crankshaft.
We do specify the weight of the fan wheel, but this is of secondary importance in relation to the engine running. Here the achieved moment of inertia is the decisive value. In other words, how and where the weight is distributed on the circumference.

This Lambretta pole wheel is a stunner

The balance factor is the next interesting factor. Here we achieve a value that is also used in real motorsport. Each fan wheel is individually brought to at least this value. This is the best value ever achieved for a Lambretta fan wheel.
The fan wheel passed the burst test up to 24.000 rpm without any damage.


Of course, the bgm PRO pole wheel can also be used with all components based on the original Ducati design with 6 coils. Such as Indian, AF, AFR, Vespa components. However, problems can arise here due to the many different tolerances, which are usually based on the orientation of the pickup to the trigger. If you have any questions: email

Lambretta pole wheel - Lambretta fan wheel bgm PRO BGM210901 (3)
Lambretta pole wheel - Lambretta fan wheel bgm PRO BGM210901 (2)
Lambretta pole wheel - Lambretta fan wheel bgm PRO BGM210901 (1)

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