Lambretta rim bgm PRO stainless steel Made in Germany


Lambretta rim, polished stainless steel - who still needs chrome?


Now available again

The rims are in great demand and we can hardly keep up with the elaborate production, but now the Lambretta rims are up to date back in stock:

This bgm PRO Lambretta rim made of stainless steel is made in Germany by a renowned and, of course, certified rim specialist. There is a strength report for the bgm PRO Lambretta rim, which enables and facilitates any desired entry of the rim.

The result of the high-precision manufacturing is a stainless steel Lambretta rim that would have brought tears of happiness to even Ferdinando Innocenti's eyes. The high-strength Lambretta rim is characterized by

  • a perfect concentricity,
  • absolute rust-free as well
  • a reinforced rim flange
  • Made in Germany
  • Polished stainless steel - who still needs chrome?
  • including special stainless steel nuts
  • Strength reports make the entry easier

Lambretta rim in a highly polished finish, better than the best custom chrome!

lambretta-rim-BGM7970 (1)

Including special nuts

The rim is screwed into stainless steel with the special nuts provided. The special square profile of the screws engages in the Lambretta rim and ensures perfect anti-twist protection. The stainless steel screws are of course also available individually as spare parts.

lambretta-rim-BGM7970 (3)

Important installation note: As with original Innocenti rims, no more than 3 bar should be applied to the tire if the rim is only screwed to the rim studs. Tightening torque of the rim nuts 27Nm.

Reinforced rim flange through folded edge

lambretta-rim-BGM7970 (4)

Item number: BGM7970

OEM 19044034, 19044060

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