Lambretta to be won - lots at Scooter Center Classic Day

Win a Lambretta

Jetson's Lambretta Club 25th Silver Special Anniversary

The Jetsonsn Lambretta Club is celebrating its 25th birthday with a lavish party.

Jetson's Lambretta Silver Special

Win Lambretta

As already here and here reported, the guys have built a Lambretta Li150 2nd series for the occasion. Check out the Lambretta on ours ClassicDay on June 20, 2015 and get your tickets here to win this scooter.

Jetsons Lambretta bgm tuning

Installed bgm PRO Lambretta parts:

- bgm PRO Race Tour 195ccm cylinder kit
- bgm Pro Clubman exhaust
- bgm PRO Superstrong clutch
- bgm PRO ignition 12V
- bgm PRO pole wheel
- bgm PRO shock absorber
- bgm PRO additional damper
- bgm PRO air box
- bgm PRO crankshaft 60mm 110 connecting rod
- bgm PRO stainless steel rims


Win Lambretta

Auf dem Scooter Center Classic Day, for example, the Jetsons sell tickets - on the Tokens anniversary meeting the Lambretta will then be raffled.


Everything registered - Lambretta approved and tested

The Lambretta is now ready. The TÜV has given its blessing, everything has been registered and the scooter has been tested.


Lambretta with bgm RT 185cc cylinder and 18PS

With the bgm PRO Race Tour 195ccm cylinder kit and the bgm Pro Clubman exhaust puts the Lambretta on the test bench 18PS.

test stand-18ps

Suitable for everyday use and proven in practice

Practical test of the Scooter Run “Holidays in the Sauerland”. The test pilots are enthusiastic. It is questionable whether the Jetsons will really give the good piece ... ;-) It is worth a try:

Lots on the Scooter Center ClassicDay´15

The Jetsons are with the scooter on our ClassicDay'15 - here you can also get the tickets for the good piece.

win-a-lambretta-8 win-a-lambretta-9 win-a-lambretta-10


Good luck!

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