Lambretta - who does the name belong to?


LambrettaThe SCOOTER CENTER is traditionally a Lambretta - specialist.

Over 20 years of experience with the Lambretta.
In the early 90s, Oliver Kluger and Ulf Schröder published the Lambretta story in the magazine “Motoretta”.
Later did that SCOOTER CENTER Lambretta models imported directly from India.

The Lambretta Catalog is legendary.
The extensive product range for the Lambretta scooter is constantly being expanded and maintained and with the noble House brand “bgm” new, innovative products for Lambretta (& Vespa) are developed. Casa Lambretta stands for high quality repro parts and spare parts from Italy, the SCOOTER CENTER is an official Germany importer.

But the real Lambretta has not been built in Italy for a long time. And even of the production systems sold to India, Lambrettas have not rolled off the assembly line for a long time.

What happened to the brand? Who Owns Lambretta?

The topic is currently back in the media.

Press reports:

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Literature on Lambretta:

Lambretta Book book


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