Vespa PX exhaust - until it fits….

The range of spare, accessory and tuning parts in the scooter segment changes almost daily. With the large number of products on offer, it is sometimes not easy for us to get an overview.

As one of the larger shops, we have the opportunity to buy worldwide at good conditions. For some standard spare parts, which we internally call “bread and butter items”, there is almost always a large number of suppliers available.

Since we want to offer you a good product at a competitive price, we have to make good choices when shopping.

Often we have been disappointed by providers. Good prices - but a product to run away from.
As an example, so that you can get a little insight, we have selected the following article.

2020012; Exhaust -OEM QUALITY- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150 - 166cc, 177cc

So available in our shop Vespa PX exhaust

You are probably wondering what is exciting about such a trivial article?

Then we let you take part in our daily struggle for quality and prices ...

1. Purchasing and samples

When our buyers return home from a trade fair or a trip to the manufacturer, or when the sample deliveries arrive, we have a lot of testing and inspection on the program in the technology area. After all, we cannot rate an item, in this case our PX125 exhaust, just on the basis of its external appearance. Just because it looks great doesn't mean the exhaust must run well.

In the picture below we have put together a small selection of test patterns that we use as PX125 exhaust have ordered from different manufacturers. Such sample deliveries are often very amusing when we hold the various “interpretations” of the ordered item in our hands ...

Find the mistake!

Vespa PX exhaust?


at the bottom left in the picture you can find an exhaust that is actually connected to a PK 125, i.e. a Smallframe heard. Unfortunately, communication problems of this kind are sometimes part of business. When we asked the manufacturer, we got the answer: “You have ordered and received the article with the number XX1234. That fits."

So there is no longer a potential provider ...

2. Quality assurance

Actually, one would think that when the first sample is delivered, the manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure that the potential customer - i.e. the Scooter Center - to make your product attractive from a purely visual point of view.

During the first visual inspection, however, we are taught better every now and then ...

New Vespa PX exhaust with ROST

After the visual inspection of the exhaust systems for obvious manufacturing defects, the samples are put to the test. Of course, we want to avoid that your new exhaust has poorer performance than the original part probably used up to now.

In addition, not only the performance is checked during the test runs on the test bench, but also the fit on Monday.

Vespa PX exhaust - pattern does not match!

The reference in the performance comparison is of course an original Piaggio exhaust from Italian production. We keep original parts like our treasures for several items. These are often the last resort in order to be able to produce a qualitatively comparable alternative if the original parts manufacturer discontinues production.

3. Performance measurement Vespa PX exhaust on our test bench

Piaggio PX125 (models without cat.)

Performance diagram see Vespa exhaust PIAGGIO PX125 2013

Even with the test subjects there are, uh ... differences ...


See publication PIAGGIO + P PX125 2013

… The next one is definitely better….


See publication PIAGGIO + P + 8 PX125 2013

.... OK.

The last diagram shows our current exhaust 2020012 that we currently have on sale.


See edition ALL PX125 2013

Last but not least, the inner values ​​are checked.

Some manufacturers take the brakes on costs extremely and use (that looks like flywire) relatively cheap materials ...

2020012 testing 2013 005

We asked the manufacturer of our current exhaust system to install a sturdy perforated plate and reasonable insulation. ..

2020012 testing 2013 003

In the end, we were on the road with the manufacturer for 6 months in total to be able to offer the exhaust to you ... and that was just a “standard spare part” for € 39,99 ....

2020012; Exhaust -OEM QUALITY- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150 - 166cc, 177cc

This one chosen with a lot of love Vespa PX exhaust im jetzt Scooter Center Buy a scooter shop.