Malossi Vespa ignition Malossi Vespower

Malossi Vespower ignition Vespa

Vespower is the new Malossi Vespa ignition

Available for many models

maslossi vespower vespa ignition

The Malossi Vespower ignition offers the following advantages:

  • Complete replacement ignition
  • Very low flywheel (900gr.)
  • More agile acceleration
  • More efficient
  • Dynamic ignition timing
  • More torque
  • More spontaneous throttle response
  • 90 watt light output
  • Modern controller incl.
  • Reinforced fan ring
  • Optionally more flywheel can be mounted (available separately)

The Malossi Vespower ignition is based on the same basis as the well-known Vespatronic, Pinasco Flytech or Polini IDM. The ignition stator does not have a pickup. The ignition signal is picked up here via the light frequency. As the engine speed increases, the ignition point is reduced via the CDI. The engine has a high pre-ignition angle for a lot of torque in the lower speed range. This is reduced with increasing engine speed, at which the exhaust strongly supports the gas exchange. This relieves the thermal load on the motor and increases its ability to turn.

The light flywheel ensures a very dynamic throttle response and greatly improved acceleration. The smaller fan blades fit perfectly with the higher speed level of the tuned engine, where the large blades of the original fan wheel would turn empty. The ignition is also suitable for everyday and touring engines thanks to the optionally available and adaptable flywheel rings. Here, the increased flywheel mass helps the engine run smoother and improved elasticity in the upper gears.
The stiffening fins of the plastic impeller effectively prevent tearing or breaking.

This version is the very light race version with only 900gr. Flywheel. This can no longer be upgraded to more flywheel as with the 1200gr version. is possible.

Malossi Vespower ignition Vespa

Buy Malossi Vespoer ignition here

Ignition -MALOSSI VesPower- Vespa PK XL
Ignition -MALOSSI VesPower- Vespa V50, V90, PV125, ET3, PK S -
Ignition -MALOSSI VesPower- Vespa PX -
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