Maneuvering aid for scooters

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Vespa maneuvering aid with red Vespa

Scooter maneuvering aid for maintenance, parking, parking, maneuvering

Our Maneuvering aid for scooters is the ultimate relief when parking, parking and servicing your scooter. Even in the tightest of spaces, you can easily turn your scooter and maneuver it even in the narrowest of places. Perfect to park it for the winter now.

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You just place the scooter with the main stand on our stable maneuvering aid for scooters. The four smooth-running castors and the extra reinforced frame ensure stability when moving. This maneuvering aid is for almost all scooters with a main stand suitable.

Maneuvering aid for Vespa and Lambretta as well as many other scooters

Vespa maneuvering aid

This scooter maneuvering aid is suitable because of their main stand especially for all classic Vespa and Lambretta scooters. It is perfect for moving your Vespa quickly and easily in a narrow workshop or garage. Simply place the maneuvering aid under the scooter and jack it up with the main stand. Now the scooter can easily be maneuvered into every corner without any effort.

  • Adjustable in width, so it can be used for many vehicles.
  • Stand width: min 34cm - max.62cm
  • Solid galvanized steel construction.

The maneuvering aid can be loaded up to 200 kg, each roller can bear a weight of up to 50 kg.

Order your maneuvering aid for scooters here now!

An alternative assembly stand to the safe maneuvering of your scooter with the engine removed you can find here: Vespa assembly stand


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