Maryzabel: Classic Day 2019 - an insane event

Maryzabel Classic Day Vespa Lambretta

Hello, my name is Maryzabel!

I am a trainee at Scooter Center. I come from Colombia and take you on my big and small adventures in the blog, take a look behind the scenes with you Scooter Center and take you to scooter meetings.

6. The big day has come!

Thanks to the restaurateurs, manufacturers, event organizers, partners, clubs and many participants who attended the Scooter Center Classic Day 2019 were present, I was lucky enough to learn more about highlights and rarities:

  • Getting to know the Twin Vespa with the two PX Malossi 244 engines and Christian personally, which is just as much fun as Christian's reason for building it: “too much space on the left and too little power on the right”
    Xtreme Vespa Tuning Twin Vespa PX 58HP Scooter Center Motorino Diavolo

  • The level of specialization that can be achieved with the classic beauties of the
    Hoffmann racing relay & factory hall the, the tubular handlebar model (Wideframe: Lampeunten, Faro Basso, ..) the Vespas of Piaggio and licensed buildings ACMA, Douglas, but especially those Hoffman Vespa, which were made in Germany by Hoffmann in the years 49 to 57, received in perfect condition and, above all, also drive !!
  • Testing from Raging Rhino, a magical support that keeps the scooter in place during transport - literally one of many “Crazy” solutions in a positive sense from Wolfgang /Crazy Monkey Development,
  • Scootering goes green: The renouncement of plastic (for packaging ;-)) and Franz's idea that every participant of the Alp Days will plant a tree in Zell am See.

What amazes me again and again and what you can see in the interviews that I did to you - If you manage to understand my “German” ... I have to say that the events in Germany were a great challenge for me and are. Because integrating myself into a group of native speakers, understanding technical details and humor, and that with my shyness, which makes me forget my knowledge of German, was clearly a major barrier.

But on Classic Day I somehow felt in “my flow”, I don't know if it's because I already speak a little more German (just a little more) or because it was a room in which I could be whoever was again I am: surrounded by scooters, engine noise, 2t smell, offers of super tempting spare parts, music and friends? Look for yourself:

Video Scooter Center Classic Day

Vespa & Lambretta @ Scooter Center Classic Day 2019 interviews / 58PS Vespa

Vespa & Lambrette forever!

I am glad that there is the myth of scootering with Vespa and Lambretta. Events like Classic Day and companies like that Scooter Centerthat supports the scene and with bgm and Moto Nostra produces and improves forgotten products and develops great new products, there will be scooters like Vespa and Lambretta for a long time to come!