Max Speed ​​Festival countdown

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gbMSF - the countdown is running: it starts on Saturday, September 26.09.2009th, XNUMX. So only a few days until the start of the Max Speed ​​Festivals 2009 at Meinerzhagen Airport.

Red Bull will support the Max Speed ​​Festival with an event team.

In addition to the MSF competition, there is also the legendary one free sprinting without timing. (Known from the SCOOTER CENTER mzH - Meetings.)
The SCK test bench is on site, the runs are free.

In the meantime we have promised some interesting participants, for example:

  • Team TRT (I) (Lambretta & Vespa)
  • Team SES Tuning / 100 mph (GB)
  • Team STOFFI (AT)
  • Team Worb5 (D) with Lambretta
  • Team SA
  • team sip
  • and of course the team SCOOTER CENTER!
  • as well as many other teams and participants

Do not forget: Visitors and participants must fill out this form and bring it with them (or, if necessary, fill it out on site) Waiver please print it out and hand it in at the entrance, filled in and signed.

Tickets are available from SCOOTER CENTER Free of charge if you spend 100 euros or more. Otherwise an entrance ticket costs 10 euros, sprinting costs 5 euros extra, visitors up to 12 years of age receive the Free entry!
Click here for the ticket to the SCOOTER CENTER Shop: Entry ticket -MAXSPEED FESTIVAL 2- 26.09.2009


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