MB & bgm go Vespa BIG BOX

Vespa BigBox Vespa exhaust

Development of a new Vespa exhaust system - the Vespa BigBox from Scooter Center

After we and Mark have brought the Lambretta BIG BOX so far that we can only wait for the manufacturer and, at most, issue reminders, we sent a few sets of PX exhaust shells to Doncaster.

Mark has all of his ideas regarding PX BIG BOX implemented directly after the Eurolambretta. On Monday morning the PX 200 BIG BOX was finally here in the store. A few minutes later the test bench computer started and the games could begin.

Vespa exhaust big box test

It was tested on:

Buy Vespa BigBox here


Vespa exhaust performance charts

Here is a small selection of diagrams. Uwe did a lot more runs that we will post over the next few days.

  1. Pierre
    Pierre sagte:

    Still waiting for his exhaust !!!! the dyno sheets looks great! Any idea for the avaiblity ??? Hope it will be soon!

    Keep on this way ;-)

  2. Savior
    Savior sagte:

    Hello, when is the part in stores?
    The dealership would not be bad to find out
    When does the sale start?

    Is there a waiting list in which you can register

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