Visit to the Motorradwelt Bodensee trade fair

Visit to the Motorradwelt Bodensee trade fair

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After Anes and I had packed the transit up to our ears in Tetris end-level fashion, we set off on the journey Thursday around 6.00:13.00 a.m. With black ice on our necks, we reached Friedrichshafen Messe around XNUMX p.m., where Heiko was already waiting for us in a mini-co-op in front of our hall.

We entered an almost empty hall. When we finally agreed on how best to place the banners at around 17.30 p.m., we proudly left our really successful booth. So now quickly check into the 4 star hotel with a view of the lake and then buy some catering equipment.

Because we only got one place at the counter in the recommended steak house, we decided to dine in the pizzeria “La Perla”. - Good decision. On the 2nd day we decorated our booth after a balanced breakfast. When the fair opened, a horde of more or less people interested in scooters overran us at 12.00 noon. - Everything that was free was in great demand.

Our hall was a separate area - not a “pass-through hall”. The colleagues from Sip, Scooterkingz, Pep-parts, Vollgas and other smaller shops from southern Germany had also set up camp.

There was a custom show for automatics and one for switch scooters, in which well over 10 scooters participated.

We maintained contact with customers and the other exhibitors. Our two-cylinder 56 hp monster cast a spell over the passers-by.

Finally, Anes and I visited Cafe Belushi in the evening. The number of visitors increased noticeably on Saturday. We were busy answering questions, distributing catalogs and selling parts.

We made friends with the Sip girls. After 8 hours of tough trade fair turmoil without a notable break, we decided to end the evening in a large disco in Austria.

Anes got a phone number from Ines–> Anes + Ines. Sunday, in full freshness, there was again a lot of traffic at our stand - the catalogs and merchandising articles were becoming increasingly scarce. Everyone was cool and loved each other.

After several inquiries as to whether the twin-cylinder worked, I was persuaded to throw it on - as the breathtaking sound rang through the hall, I noticed with a slight adrenaline rush that a huge cluster had formed around the twin sprinter.

Conclusion: A nice but also exhausting excursion to the beautiful Lake Constance, where we were able to win one or the other customer for us and also talked to our competitors. I would like to say hello to all participants, especially the Sip team and the Scooterkingz crew ...

keep on rockin!

Mirko Toth


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