Motor housing LML SE - suitable for Vespa PK125 large transfer ports

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Very popular motor housing suitable for Vespa Smallframe on offer

By chance we were able to find a small number of legends LML SE motor housing get hold of.

There is a variant with E-Start preparation and without an E-Starter.

Much larger overflowers inherently

Actually, an LML SE motor housing roughly corresponds to that of a Vespa PK125XL2, but with the difference that the overcurrent channels are significantly larger than in the Piaggio motor housing.

Motor housing PK SE large overcurrent channels 020

As a replacement or the perfect basis for tuning

It's easy to see: the two side channels still offer plenty of space for further changes. This means that powerful racing cylinders can be used sensibly on the milling machine without enormous effort.

We have one as an example Parmakit SP09 held on the motor housing:

Motor housing PK SE large overcurrent channels 011

Here you can clearly see what could still be processed on the cylinder base: the Paramkit base seals on the LML SE - Smallframe Engine block.

Motor housing PK SE large overcurrent channels 014

In contrast to a well-known Piaggio engine housing, you only need to invest very little working time so that such a cylinder fits perfectly on the overflow ducts.

3-hole intake manifold

The SE motor housing has a 3-hole connection for the intake manifold.

Motor housing PK SE large overcurrent channels 004

The generously dimensioned, 42mm long sealing surface of the rotary valve makes the motor housing particularly interesting for performance-oriented motor concepts based on a rotary valve.

Motor housing PK SE large overcurrent channels 003

Stable bearing seats - allow better crankshafts

On the generator side you will find the PK XL 125 bearing seat and lubricating screw for the NBI needle bearing. Here you can use one of the stable PK-ETS crankshafts with 25mm bearing seat without retrofitting.

Motor housing PK SE large overcurrent channels 016

The motor housings are supplied prepared for the shift fork of the XL2, ie the “pull-in system”.

Motor housing PK SE large overcurrent channels 005

So if you want to install the housing in a Vespa with the conventional 2-train variant, then you need one Conversion set to two shift cables.
A big advantage of this solution is that the Circuit more precise thanks to the accurate, machine Small batch production. In addition, the high quality material selection them wear opposite.


SE125 motor housing from LML India. The engine housings of the Indian LML Sensation 125 are 99% identical to those of the Vespa PK125 XL2. New Piaggio engine cases have not been available from Italy for years. The LML motor housings are therefore a very good and qualitative alternative.
As NOS goods occasionally rust film on the metal parts.

PK125 XL2 / PK125 ETS
The motor housing can be used as a 1: 1 replacement for PK125 XL2 and PK125 ETS.
An adapter for the cable attachment is included.


  • Housing type: PK125 XL2
  • Crankshaft type: PK 125XL2 / PK125 ETS (24 / 25mm cone)
  • Bearing seat alternator side: Ø: 38mm (PX needle bearing)
  • Shift cable type: 1 rigid cable like PK XL2
  • Inlet: Long rotary valve surface (42mm)
  • Intake manifold: 3-hole
  • Overcurrent design: larger than series


Matching Smallframe - crankshafts

Rotary valve

These crankshafts fit (rotary valve, from 125ccm):


These crankshafts are suitable for engines with diaphragm intake manifolds and also more stroke:


Bearing sets and seals

The right one Ball bearing set also includes the NBI bearing on the alternator side.

With the shaft sealing rings and the sealing sets, everything remains the same as with the Piaggio ETS variant.


Gear oil for Vespa

SAE30 - gear oil for Vespa engines
BGM PRO STREET gear oil SAE30 * - API GL3
Classic single-grade oil, as prescribed by Piaggio for all Vespa manual motors. Covers everyday load conditions perfectly and is ideal from series engines to high-end tuning engines.

  • Mildly alloyed, ideally suited for oil bath clutches
  • Well-adhering, pressure-resistant lubricating film
  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Anti-wear

Vespa gear oil

TIP: Use assembly gloves

Work gloves - Mechanic gloves -BGM PRO-tection- fine knitted glove 100% nylon with polyurethane coating

Fine knitted glove BGM Protection

Assembly glove / work glove
A breathable back of the hand ensures extra comfort.
100% nylon fine knit for a perfect fit.
The PU coating ensures optimal grip and a high sense of touch.
At the same time, it protects the palms from dirt and oil.
Ideal for work that requires a high level of protection and good tactile sensitivity at the same time.

  • 100% black polyamide
  • black polyurethane coating
  • EN388, Cat. 4 abrasion resistance
  • EN388, Cat. 1 cut resistance
  • EN388, Cat. 3 tear strength
  • EN388, Cat. 1 puncture force
  • Fine knit, seamless
  • very good fit
  • insensitive to dirt
  • secure grip
  • good tactile sensitivity
  • washable
  • in pairs in a polybag
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