Motor Jam Meinerzhagen


On Saturday we were guests with our P4 test bench at the Motor Jam at Meinerzhagen Airport. The runway was divided into 1/8 mile for 2- and 4-wheelers and a free-run zone for scooters where you had the whole day to test your engine set-ups properly. We also had our twin with us.

You can find more pictures here!

For the eye there were scooters, US cars, JDM cars, classic cars and tuning cars of all kinds from VW to Opel, from Camaro to Skyline. On the eighth mile it was shown what times the 2 and 4 wheels burn into the asphalt! Show, Shine, Glamor and Optics were on the program for both the 2 and 4 wheels! Of course there were also show and shine contests with different categories.

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