Muffler exhaust systems and accessories

Mufflers and exhaust systems

Exhaust systems rear silencers

In our ScootersYou will not only find hop for exhaust systems specially designed for your scooter, but also for individual ones rear silencer and exhaust accessories.

Why is it needed on a scooter?

The silencers on or in the exhaust of your scooter are used to reduce engine noise. Rear silencers are located downstream of a possibly built-in catalytic converter: END silencer -> mounted at the end. Especially with the 2-stroke engine, the exhaust silencer has a decisive influence on the engine characteristics.

Mufflers and exhaust systems

Buy sport exhaust

For a few years now, vehicle manufacturers have been making a little more effort and installing sportier-looking exhaust systems from the factory. Nevertheless: what we scooter drivers usually want is the personal customization of the scooter, which is why sports silencers or entire sports exhaust systems are on popular tuning product.

Typically, these popular plants offer one sportier exhaust sound and higher quality material, quality and better look. You will mostly be using a EC type-approval offered and are therefore often free of registration, but then do not bring more performance. Real sports exhaust systems are different, with the other engine components being adapted accordingly significant increases in performance expected. These are then only for the racetrack or have to be individually approved and entered by the TÜV.

Sports exhaust racing scooter

The BigBox trend has been around here for some time. Real sports exhaust systems in the original look. Here we recommend the bgm PRO BigBox for Vespa as a sport or touring version and the Big Box Lambretta.

Mount the exhaust system / rear silencer on the scooter

The assembly is usually carried out at the original breakpoints on the scooter. The exhaust should match the engine and the desired driving characteristics (e.g. high torque = power for city and travel). Usually the engine has to be adjusted to the new exhaust system. Ignition timing and carburetor adjustment should be checked and adjusted. Ignition adjustment tools such as the WAL (Classic Vespa), the BELUGA (Lambretta) and one are suitable here Ignition gun and Nozzle sets.

Repair dampers / new insulation

If insulating wool is installed, it can dissolve over time. We offer Exhaust insulation wool with which you can re-insulate the rear silencer.

Exhaust insulation wool

Exhaust insulation wool


bgm bigbox sport Vespa exhaust

Advertisement bgm bigbox sport Vespa exhaust

Interesting information about the BigBox

Lambretta exhaust test Big Box Reso racing exhaust

Lambretta exhaust test Reso VS BigBox

Lambretta resonance exhaust and big box prototype test A Lambretta exhaust test: the new and upcoming Lambretta Big Box is currently in production. A delivery date is unfortunately still unknown. The Lambretta…

New exhaust Vespa PK50 & PK125 racing exhaust BigBox TOURING bgm PRO

, ,
NEW: Exhaust bgm PRO BigBox TOURING for Vespa PK50 & PK125 A new racing exhaust for Vespa PK has sneaked into our shop very secretly. Today we present the new Vespa PK exhaust from bgm PRO. We…
Comparison of Malossi ROAD BGM

Vespa exhaust MALOSSI banana for Vespa PV125 ET3

, ,
What does the MALOSSI banana bring? With the Vespa Largeframe Powerful exhaust systems, so-called box exhaust systems, have established themselves in an almost original look. With the bgm PRO BigBox Touring and the BigBox Sport we have 2 ...
Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox SPORT (BBS) - Vespa PX200, Rally200 Item no. BGM1011SP

Vespa exhaust BigBox Sport available again!

Now available again: bgm BigBox Sport exhaust Vespa PX200 Performance like a racing exhaust - optics & acoustics like a standard exhaust The BGM BigBox Sport is a thoroughbred Vespa racing exhaust, in the unsuspicious design of an original...
Vespa T5 big box review SLUK

Vespa T5 exhaust - order the test winner bgm BigBox

, , , ,
bgm BigBox Vespa exhaust for T5 is test winner Our racing exhaust for Vespa has been tested again. And again it is the test winner with the greatest performance. In that case, our BigBox for the Vespa T5 was made by the British ...
Mufflers and exhaust systems

Muffler exhaust systems and accessories

Exhaust systems Rear silencer In our Scootershop you will not only find exhaust systems specially designed for your scooter, but also individual rear silencers and exhaust accessories. Exhaust systems seals rear silencer ...
Vespa racing exhaust Taffspeed mk4

Vespa racing exhaust TAFFSPEED MK4

Vespa exhaust TAFFSPEED MK4 This is the legendary English racing exhaust for the Vespa PX and T5 in the unbeatable Taffspeed quality! Now at a special price Now and only in August 2015 at a reduced special price: now only 199,00 ...
Vesspa Bigbox Touring this is it

bgm BigBox Touring DER - Touring exhaust for Vespa now available

, ,
The BGM BigBox Touring - Power for the big tour Torque from idle with the optics and acoustics like a standard exhaust Now available! Only 158,99 euros* Exhaust Vespa PX 200, Rally exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox TOURING- Vespa PX200, Rally200 exhaust…
Vespa exhaust test test stand Dyno

Vespa exhaust test on the test stand BGM PRO BigBox Sport Malossi

, , ,
Vespa exhaust bgm BigBox Sport on the test bench Michel Holden from England, long-term customer of Scooter Center, visited us briefly on his way to the "Ferien im Sauerland" run and took the chance to try the Vespa Aupuff BigBox Sport ...
Vespa touring exhaust

Vespa touring exhaust BGM PRO BigBox TOURING Vespa 200ccm

, ,
New Vespa touring exhaust Today we received the first production sample of the BigBox Touring for the 200 Vespa PX engines. The normal course of a sample test includes, in addition to evaluating the look and fit, runs...
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