New Scooter Center Calendar for 2012

Think about tomorrow today.

Summer has just started properly, so we can already do that for you Calendar for 2012 offer. And what a one!

Together with the photo artist Christoph Gabler, we have produced an extremely high-quality paper calendar using the lacquered luxury satin printing process.

With the dimensions 32 / 32cm, it fits in every workshop, but also cuts a fine figure in the living room.

The artist broke new ground in terms of both the motif and the choice of perspective. Refreshing in all of this.

Real scooters that can sometimes have a patina, and with angles that are sometimes familiar and sometimes surprising, but never boring.


Conveniently, the calendar is also equipped with a small overview of the year for 2011, so that you can enjoy it now or enter important dates to be transferred, such as birthdays.





Due to the high quality workmanship, you will be able to appreciate this calendar for a long time.

Here's a little preview of the motifs - more motifs appear at irregular intervals, because we don't want to steal your anticipation!

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