New bearings for Vespa SS180 and GS160 (GS4) bgm7910, bgm7911 and bgm7912

Main and secondary shaft bearings Vespa oldtimer

New main shaft and auxiliary shaft bearings for Vespa classic cars

If you have a Vespa SS180 or a GS160 Can call your own, you have certainly already seen yourself faced with an overhaul of the engine that for the Main and secondary shaft there are hardly any suitable bearings available.

Also for the Vespa models from VNA to VLB is a good, yet inexpensive replacement for the main shaft bearing on the side of the shift peg rather in short supply.

New bearings made in ITALY

That is why we have had these important bearings for your Vespa reproduced in Italy based on the original specifications.



Main shaft bearing Vespa VNA to VLB

BGM7910; Roller bearing (28,2x42x08mm) -BGM PRO- (used for main shaft switch latch side)

BGM7910 (4)


Main shaft bearing Vespa SS180 and GS160

BGM7911; Roller bearing (28,2 × 44,6x10mm) -BGM PRO- used for main shaft on switch latch side

BGM7911 (3)

Counter shaft bearing Vespa SS180 (VSC1T), GS160 / GS4 (VSB1T)

BGM7912; Roller bearing (21,8 × 34,1 × 12,4mm) -BGM PRO- used for auxiliary shaft Vespa SS180 (VSC1T), GS160 / GS4 (VSB1T)


BGM7912 (2)

Suitable tool for mounting Vespa bearings

So that everything works when installing the bearings, we also thought of the right tool:

Main shaft bearing tool
You can use the tool for the main shaft bearings (bgm7910 & bgm7911) bgm7910TL use.

Counter shaft bearing tool
Use the tool to cleanly assemble the auxiliary shaft bearing (bgm7912) bgm7912TL.


TIP: Engine revision set available

For the major engine overhaul, we have put together a complete engine overhaul set for you.

Vespa SS180

Vespa GS160

Vespa VNA

Vespa VLB


Secondary shaft axles for Vespa SS180 and GS160

In addition, we can again offer you the required auxiliary shaft axles with a suitable bearing bush for the SS180 and GS160 motors.

The axles made in Germany are also made of 42CrMo4 and ground to size at the bearings.

7676645 Secondary shaft axle -OEM QUALITY- Vespa GS 160 / GS4 (VSB1T), SS180 (VSC1T)



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