New gift idea for Vespa drivers: Passione Veloce

Vespa towel and Vespa cup Passione Veloce

Cup and towel for Vespa fans

We have great ones just in time for Christmas Gifts for scooterists on offer. Exclusive to Scooter Center Passione Veloce products are now available.

Vespa towel and Vespa cup Passione Veloce

Price incl. 19% VAT. When shipping plus postage

Time to show feelings ...

Show what you're driving - Passione Veloce!

Great gadgets for scooterists and Vespisti:

  • Towel / bath towel / beach towel with a beautiful retro scooter motif
  • Cup / mug with a nice retro scooter motif

Vespa cup Vespa towel


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