New PM cylinder for Piaggio 2-stroke Maximotoren

The new ones have just arrived Piaggio cylinder from PM tuning.

The Nicasil-coated aluminum cylinders fits the 2-stroke Maximotoren (e.g. Gilera Runner). Tuning legend Paul Melici took on the development of the fast road use had in view. The cylinder layout is coming

  • with four overcurrent channels,
  • two boost ports and
  • one-piece outlet with a width of 44.7 mm (corresponds to 68% chord size).
  • from 25PS at 8.200 rpm and full suitability for everyday use

According to PM, the cylinder is inserted for 25 PS good on the rear wheel without sacrificing durability and suitability for everyday use. The peak performance is moderate with the PM59 exhaust and Dellorto 25 PHBL carburettor 8.200 U / min on. If that's not enough for you, you can still port the cylinder. For this purpose, all sealing and channel surfaces are reinforced with sufficient material. This provides the perfect basis, where you don't break straight into the cooling water or the outside air.

The Molybdenum disulfide coated pistons comes with two 1.1 mm thin trapezoidal rings. The piston pin has a conical design to save weight and is also supplied with oil via lubrication holes in the piston.

The kits are currently being photographed by Roland and will be out for the next few days online, but can already be ordered by phone: SCOOTER CENTER Order hotline: 02238-30 74 30

[UPDATE:] The two cylinder kits are now online, just click on the links:

7671398 | Cylinder -PM TUNING 172ccm Pro Street 1- Piaggio LC Maxi 2-stroke | 279,00 euros
7671399 | Cylinder -PM TUNING 172ccm Pro Street 2- Piaggio LC Maxi 2-stroke | 419,00 euros

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  1. Runner
    Runner says:

    Does the cylinder fit without any problems on the 125cc lc pia block without modification etc.?
    or do you have to adapt it like the 180 cc Piaggio?
    how does it look in terms of performance at the Malle Zyli?

    • philipp
      philipp says:

      hi runners!
      that fits plug & play!
      In terms of performance, the PM has the nose in front. 25 HP on the rear wheel are really an announcement!
      keep on running

  2. Various
    Various says:

    A question, why are there 2 prices or names?
    Does this refer to a variant with the “normal” (998) PM head, or the 2nd variant with the centrally arranged ZK in the Zülinder head (999?) And the CNC milled head cover?
    or are there any other differences between the Zülinder?

    • philipp
      philipp says:

      Good morning,
      the only difference between the two kits is the heads.
      The cylinder itself and the piston are completely identical in both kits.
      Kind regards, Philipp

  3. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    I drive this cylinder under my SR 125 current output 34,8 HP
    PM Pro Street 2 Porting by: Meee
    Jolly Moto KIT not 180
    BGM long stroke shaft
    Malossi Multivar
    Malossi Delta clutch
    Longest Malossi gear in there
    PM bell
    34mm carburetor
    ProPorting suction nozzle
    Stage6 Drag Filters….

    At times I also drive 25mm gaser or the EM Race, S&S or the Pm 360 ^ ° pott

    Every cent with the cylinder is worth it ..

    PS Not matched

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