New regulation of the driving license classes

Motor scooter driving license EU regulation 2013

Scooter driving license EU regulation 2013Due to the specifications of the Driving license directive 2006/126 / EG The new regulation of the driving license classes had to be implemented in national law by January 19.01.2011, 6. This has now happened with the 07.01.2011th Amendment Ordinance of January XNUMX, XNUMX.

Even if the new regulation only on 19.01.2013/XNUMX/XNUMX will come into force, here is a small preview of the changes that are relevant for bikers:

Class A1
The maximum speed limit of 16 km / h for 17 and 80 year olds does not apply.

At the same time, the definition of the class is added. As before, this class includes all motorcycles with a displacement of up to 125 cm³ and an engine output of no more than 11 kW.
It is expressly regulated that the power / weight ratio must not exceed 0,1 kW / kg.

Despite the possibility created in the directive to enable owners of class B cars to drive class A1 light motorcycles, the legislature has decided not to include class A1 in class B in the future.

Class A2
This class will be newly introduced and in future will include motorcycles with an engine output of up to 35 kW and a power / weight ratio of no more than 0,2 kW / kg.
Class A2 replaces the previous class A (limited) in which vehicles with an output of 25 kW and a power to weight ratio of 0,16 kW / kg were included.

Entry into the classes
The previous principle of the class driving license will be further strengthened.
Anyone who has acquired a class A1 driving license can upgrade to driving license class A2 after 2 years without any further theory test. In this case there is only one practical test to be taken. The same applies to the promotion from class A2 to class A.

If you want to move up from class A1 to class A, you have to complete both exams as before.

Owners of class B, which was issued until March 31.03.1980, 2, can obtain class AXNUMX by taking a practical test; a theory test is also not required.

Previously, trikes could be driven by owners of the class B driving license.
In the future, i.e. for all those who receive their driver's license from January 19.01.2013, 21, driving license class A will be required for driving a trike, plus the driver's license holder must be at least XNUMX years old.

As of January 19.01.2013, XNUMX, driving license class A will no longer include the permission to pull a trailer with a trike / motorcycle.

New class AM
A new class AM will be introduced for mopeds, which will replace the previous classes M and S. This includes all two- and three-wheeled small motorcycles and four-wheeled light vehicles with a displacement of up to 50ccm or an output of 4 kW for electric motors and a design-related top speed of up to 45 km / h.
The minimum age for this class is 16 years.

Fixed-term regulation
A maximum period of 19.01.2013 years applies to all driving licenses acquired after January 15, XNUMX. The driver's licenses are no longer issued without a deadline as before.

After the deadline, the driver's license must be exchanged by the authorities.

A medical or other examination or examination is not (yet) a prerequisite for the exchange.

For all driver's licenses, including those previously issued for an unlimited period, the obligation to exchange applies until 2033.

minimum age
For class A, the minimum age of 2 years applies for direct entry (without prior acquisition of class A24), for possession of class A2 for a period of at least 2 years the minimum age of 20 years and for trikes the minimum age of 21 years.
The minimum age of 2 years applies to class A18
The minimum age of 1 years applies to classes A16 and AM

Included classes
Class A includes classes AM, A1 and A2.
Class A2 includes classes A1 and AM.
Class AM includes class A1.
Class B (cars) includes classes AM and L (agricultural tractors, implements)

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